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Good Luck Selling Your House

If you’re finally going to sell the house and have decided to hire a real estate agent, then good for you. All you will need is patience, the ability to continue to make mortgage payments while the house is listed, and the ink to write a check for 6% of the sales price to the person who put a sign in your front yard — IF the house sells.

“But,” you say, “the agent will post our house on the MLS service.” True. Every realtor does that. Have you heard of Zillow? For Sale By Trulia? All are free or mostly free web services.

The fact is, if you want to really sell a house in Cincinnati, West Chester, Dayton, Lebanon, Centerville, Kettering, Carlisle, Franklin, or Springboro, or parts in between, then don’t call a realtor, call Carmik, because Carmik actually buys houses.

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