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Missed a mortgage payment?

Missing a mortgage payment, or being more than 15 days late, raises a flag for  your mortgage lender, and it should concern you, too. A late or missed payment on the house is often a sign that the family finances have taken a serious turn. But it isn’t the end.

Look hard at your earnings and your spending. If you lose your  home, then your cable services and wifi are worth little. And if you smoke, you can add 125 a month in cash to your pocket, and years to your life, by quitting. A bankruptcy attorney I work with says  a common expense  in his clients’ lives is an SUV with a monthly payment over $600.00. Add that to your $2200.00 mortgage payment, taxes, upkeep, tuition, and every other expense and Bam! You’re upside down every month. Sell the Yukon to save your home.

But if you’ve cut all you can, and you still don’t see a way to keep paying your mortgage, and you haven’t actually been served with a foreclosure complaint from the bank, then we might be able to help. We may be able to let you deed us your home subject to your mortgage. That means you are able to move without legal pressure,  while we take responsibility for your mortgage payments, leaving you free to find a more affordable situation. We may even have a solution on that end, too.

Contact Carmik now because we can help you exit gracefully from a burdensome debt.


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